Tech and Tea sessions

Project update:

We received funding from Tesco Bags for Help to run Tech and Tea sessions. The sessions supported Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in Milton Keynes. Our aim was to help Deaf people connect with each other, to learn about I.T and to support people with updating their tech skills. We managed to run sessions from September 2019 at MKCIL. However, these sessions stopped due to Covid-19. We then continued sessions online via Zoom.

Attendees were asked to use their own laptop, smartphone, tablet or Ipad. This is so we could show people how to use their tech more productively. For example, we ran sessions on:

– How to send emails/set up an email account

– Shopping online (and how to do it safely!)

– Accessing useful apps on a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

We created video clips and provided handouts so attendees could practise new skills at home too.

The sessions also gave attendees a chance to share knowledge and news others while enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and a sandwich.

image of milton keynes deaf community group learning about technology
tech and tea session 2020

Here is an example, of a graphic from one of our sessions that explains how to use one of the settings on an iPhone, like the one below:

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